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3 October 2003
Tony Heurtebis

Tony Heurtebis is one of the rare goalkeepers trained by the club to have managed a successful professional career. After two seasons in the shadow of Pandurović, he was promoted to the first goalkeeper position during the 1997-1998 season. But the club’s performances weren’t good during this period, and Heurtebis faced the competition of Christophe Revault the following year. Relegated to the number 2 position, he was loaned and later definitely transferred to Troyes, where he became a full-time Ligue 1 player. He stayed in the Aube during five seasons, only the last being played in Ligue 2. At the end of his contract in the Champagne region, he joined Brest for a year and then signed for FC Nantes. With them, he started on the bench, but became a first-choice goalkeeper when the club fell in L2. After being a major part of the accession in Ligue 1, he returned on the bench once again. He quit the club as a free agent in 2010.

13 July 2003
Vahid Halilhodžić

A Forward during his playing career, Vahid Halilhodžić made Velež Mostar and Yugoslavia selection happy in the 1970’s. Transferred in France in 1981, he first played with Nantes, then with Paris Saint-Germain and was crowned the best goal scorer in D1 in two occasions. In 1990, Halilhodžić began his reconversion as a coach. His first great achievements were obtained in Morocco with Raja Casablanca, but he really broke through when managing Lille. He led the club from the depths of D2 to the Champions League. His charismatic personality and his dictatorial attitude with his players made him famous and gave him a distorted image, largely exploited by the media. In 2002, in opposition with the lack of ambition shown by his management, he left Lille. A few months later, Stade Rennais, who had just dismissed Philippe Bergeroo, called him. His methods turned some players against him, but Halilhodžić fulfilled the terms of his contract by maintaining the club in Ligue 1. Attracted by Paris Saint-Germain, he initially managed some great successes there, but his Parisian adventure eventually ended in failure. Dismissed in February 2005, the Bosnian worked successively in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast and Croatia. In June 2011, he was named as the manager of the Algerian national team.

17 July 2002

Continuing the recent tradition of Swedish internationals in Rennes, Petter Hansson arrived in Brittany in June 2007, at the end of his contract with Heerenveen. Powerful, dominant in the air and gifted with a strong shooting ability, he often encountered critics for his lack of speed. However, he soon became a cornerstone of the Stade Rennais, becoming the team's captain in 2008. In June 2010, at the end of his contract with Rennes, he joined Monaco and former manager Guy Lacombe.

17 July 2002