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- Redon, Philippe
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Rochat, Alain
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1 January 2005
Jean-Luc Ribar

Trained in AS Saint-Étienne, Jean-Luc Ribar becomes professional when « Les Verts » suffers from the consequences of the « black cashbox » case. However, the relegation of ASSE in second division is for him the occasion to obtain more play time. He become quickly a pillar of the team in midfield and contributes to the accession in D1. In 1987, he finally leaves Saint- Étienne for Lille, but his adventure is quite short, since one year later, he moves for Brittany and signs for Quimper, which plays in D2. There, again, he only stays one year in Finistère and is recruited by a more ambitious club: Stade Rennes. The team managed by Raymond Keruzoré is trying to access to D1 and will achieve this with Ribar as a regular player in midfield. He becomes irremovable in Rennes’ organization and stays there during the two years in D1 (1990-1991 and 1991-1992) and the two next years in D2. After the accession of the club in D1 in 1994, he unfortunately has to stop his career because of a major injury. For his reconversion, he manages a sport shop, first in Rennes and then in Roanne, his birth place, before finally managing a cleaning firm.

6 June 2003
Anthony Réveillère

Playing at SCO Angers, he was noticed by Stade Rennais who would recruit him before he turned 17 and invite him to join the club’s Academy. After a year and a half with the academy squad he started in Division 1 in February 1998. This would be the beginning of a substantial professional career. Réveillère played 5 full years in the Stade Rennais colours, and became one of its key defensive elements. Eager to evolve, he was loaned to Valencia for 6 months in 2003, but failed to convince the Spanish club. After his return, he was finally bought by Olympique Lyonnais, just crowned with their second champion of France title. In the Rhône he earned a substantial amount of silverware and a few caps with the national squad, confirming his status as one of France’s best right backs.

17 July 2002

Alain Rochat arrived in Brittany in June 2005. Despite promising performances with the U21 Switzerland team, of which he was the captain, the young Swiss-Canadian player started his “Rouge et Noir” career in the most catastrophic manner, notoriously blaming himself for the rout against Nancy (6-0) early that season. Afterwards, he mainly played with the Reserve Team. Failing to get into Pierre Dréossi’s tactics too, he was loaned and eventually transferred to FC Zurich, back in Swiss first division.

17 July 2002

As Isaksson left for the Premier League, Rennes’ management had to compensate his departure by recruiting a new goalkeeper. Eventually, Christophe Revault came back to Rennes, where he had already played between 1998 and 2000. 34 years old, he came as Simon Pouplin’s substitute, offering him all his help and experience for the 2006-2007 season. In June 2007, he decided to leave and come back to his first ever club, Le Havre AC