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Derniers articles de la rubrique

30 March 2012
1971 : Destination Final

Flashback. Forty-one years after Rennes’ second success in the Coupe de France, Stade Rennais Online remembers the victorious final of 1971, against the Olympique Lyonnais. A look back at one of the highest points in the Breton club’s history.

25 January 2012
Stéphane Grégoire : “Stade Rennes is my club” (second part)

Second and final part of our interview with Stéphane Grégoire, the iconic captain of Paul Le Guen’s Stade Rennais. A manager he supported despite the criticism. He also remembers the two games against the Juventus Turin of Zinedine Zidane, his relationship with Christian Gourcuff, his vision and the ties that still bound him to the Stade Rennais.

23 January 2012
Stéphane Grégoire: “I could have returned to Stade Rennais in 2007” (First part)

For five years (1997-2002), Stéphane Grégoire was one of the leading figures at the Stade Rennais, wearing the club’s shirt nearly two hundred times with the generosity and values that are his trademark. An eminent player, now a coach and director of sports at USM Saran, the former Thouars player could still be returning to Rennes one day. Confessions.

3 November 2011
Return to Scotland

This Thursday, Stade Rennes will discover Celtic Park, a real monument of Football history. Fourty years ago, the Rouge et Noir had already travelled to Scotland, then challenging the Rangers at Ibrox Park. A look back at one of the first European ties in the history of Stade Rennes.

14 March 2011
Philippe Redon : “For Laurent Pokou, football was a celebration”

Arrived in Rennes in December 1973, Laurent Pokou has truly left his mark in the club’s history. Before the tribute that will be paid to the former Ivorian striker in May, we offer you stories from several former players and a former club president who knew him well.

10 March 2011
The Stade Rennais is 110 years old!

A hundred and ten years ago today, Stade Rennes was born. On March 10th, 1901, a group of former students decided to found an association in order to practice football and athletics. A hundred and ten years later, through highs and lows, the club created without pretentions is still standing.

2 March 2011
Sébastien Sémeril : “The book of specifications to organise the Euro 2016 would barely fit in a cupboard”

Interview, part 2. After discussing the club’s current performances and giving his assessment of Pinault’s time in charge, the deputy of sports for the city of Rennes is giving a detailed look at “Stade Rennais Land”, the architectural project for the Stade de la Route de Lorient’s surroundings, and about Rennes’s withdrawal of their application to organise matches during the 2016 Euro.

2 March 2011
Sébastien Sémeril : “We are experiencing the beginning of the Stade Rennais era”

Interview, part 1. Deputy of sports for the City of Rennes, Sébastien Séméril is an essential actor in the relationship between Stade Rennes and the Breton capital. In a long interview he accepted to give us, he looks at the club’s current good performances and the club’s management since several years, but also at François Pinault’s work and achievements since arriving at the helm of the Stade Rennais.

2 January 2011
Flashback: Fabrice Fernandes had everything to succeed

Aged only 19, the young player from Paris arrived at Stade Rennes’ Academy in 1995 is soon receiving great praise. Paul Le Guen, en acute manager as well as an experience professional, gives all his trust to the youngster at his arrival in Rennes. A look back at the unusual destiny of Fabrice Fernandes.

28 December 2010
“Stade Rennais Land” : A well advanced reflection

In October 2009, the Mensuel de Rennes’ front-page was dedicated to the Stade Rennais and its projects. The magazine was first to mention a large project named “Stade Rennes Land”. A point on the project’s recent evolutions.